"Helping Inspire The Possibilities"

Conditioned Minds uses an interactive cognitive, somatic, and socioemotional educational approach to leadership development and outcomes using motivational activities and assessment matrices. In doing so, Conditioned Minds is a national leader in change, modification, and prevention while enhancing opportunities to be more productive learners academically, socially, and physically, in the classroom, workplace, athletics, and society.
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Conditioned Minds creates cognitive cultures directly reflecting learning abilities while redirecting behavioral outcomes.

We create the learning paths towards preferred behavioral outcomes and identify leadership by physically organizing knowledge in memory and facilitating recall; ultimately creating enhanced leadership application in each learners daily performance.

"CHANGE" - Written by Rodney Zimmerman (Conditioned Minds) & Fab Morvan (former member of Milli Vanilli)

Conditioned Minds Inc. - Holding True To It's Partnered Commitment - Reaching Into The Possibilities Of Making Change.

Change began in 2004 when Rodney Zimmerman (Conditioned Minds founder) and Fab Morvan (former member of Mili Vanilli) realized that their paths to make change aligned. Together they wrote a theme originally called "Smile" and eventually renamed "Change". As both Rodney & Fab agree, "Change holds the key through direction, determination, and action. No longer without purpose do we teach, but instead teach to reach into the possibilities."

CM learners develop understanding to create awareness through perspective while becoming aware of life’s possibilities.


CM learners are inspired in a challenging, caring, and inclusive learning environment to reach beyond limitations set around them.


CM learners develop the knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes needed to maintain and enhance personal development.


CM learners develop through cognitive and socioemotional training.


CM develops team building through healthy and challenging physical training.


CM activities implement focus skills as a tool for academic and life skill development.